Over its fifteen years of existence, ADE’s conference program has come to be recognised as the most important of its kind, making it the ultimate platform for critical dialogue and debate in the field of electronic music. The aim of ADE’s daytime activities is to provide the international electronic music industry with an extensive and all-embracing platform to do business, exchange knowledge and keep up to date on the latest developments and trends of the rapidly evolving global music industry.

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topics & speakers

ADE’s conference program features a wide range of the most important and current topics addressing the really big issues within the overlapping worlds that make up the electronic music scene. In the past fifteen years, ADE has featured experts in every topic imaginable, as well as business innovators and thought-leaders from across the globe in order to ensure that the daytime program offers something to everyone involved in the business of making and marketing music. Check out the topics & speakers confirmed so far.


To attend the ADE as a conference delegate you need to be registered. ADE has two types of registration: a day pass (only valid for the conference program) on the date chosen, and a 4-day full registration (valid for both the conference and festival program). Read more

promotional opportunities

ADE offers a number of advertising and tailor-made promotional initiatives in order that you have the chance to present yourself, your acts or your company to the international electronic music scene. Read more

conference hotel service

If you are looking for a hotel, you will notice that the hotel capacity is pretty limited this year. The reason for this is the fact there is a large medical congress conflicting with the ADE dates. But the ADE has come up with a few solutions to this problem offering hotel rooms through an online reservation system which are exclusively available to ADE delegates. Feel free to contact our hotel service in case you need help.