With over 700 artists from all over the globe performing in 52 clubs, ADE’s festival has grown into the worlds biggest club festival for electronic music. It offers 3.000 business professionals and 130.000 music lovers a taste of the latest trends and developments in the electronic music scene

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program online

The ADE festival program is now online! Equipped with an extensive search engine, you can easily browse through the 200 events, 52 locations, buy your tickets directly on the website, compile your own ADE program and share everything with your friends. Check it out


Ticket sales for ADE events differ from event/venue. While most of the events/venues work with online ticketing partners such as Paylogic, Ticketscript BV and Ticketservice, others have their own webshop integrated on their website. In some cases an event/venue may not sell pre-sale tickets online, but offers its tickets at the door only. Read more