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ade report – cocoon @ muzyq

Supported by  a battalion of good dj ‘s – like Onur Özer, Daniel Sanchez, Frank Lorber, Rauwkost and Olivier Weiter – the circus show called Cocoon,  including ringleader Sven Väth, found its way to the ADE. Cocoon provided MuzyQ, as a new party venue, a fully booked debut. With a total of eleven acts spread out on two stages, Cocoon offered a long night – closing time was set at 9 a.m. – with techno in abundance.

In short, MuzyQ is an accumulation of different spaces in one big building with the primary focus on – making – music. Besides that the first floor of the building holds two big halls especially for events like Cocoon. Väth was scheduled at midnight, so relatively early the MuzyQ started to get crowded.

A good start
Despite his stardom status, a set by Väth is not a solid guarantee for dancing success. Sets provided by the icon can differ in sheer quality and expectations are not always met. However this night, possibly thanks to his rather early scheduling, Väth provided a decent and tight set. Outgoing and unambiguous danceable techno filled up the biggest of the two halls with a razor-sharp sound. Stimulated by the ever enthusiastic Väth, the atmosphere was set for the rest of the night. His three hour set provided some carefully chosen peaks on top off its already up tempo pace. Once in a while Väth throttled down to offer some breathing space for the dancing crowd. Anyhow a good start of a long night.

Argus Eyes         
One could tell that MuzyQ is an absolute beginner with organizing events of this size by the way the security team presented themselves in a rather overdone way. Elsewhere doormen keep their fair distance and only show themselves in case of emergency or other calamities. At MuzyQ the doorkeepers patrol the dance floor en filled hallways constantly noticing every movement slightly out of the ordinary. Guests do not want to be watched with Argus eyes. Not a great contributor to a party atmosphere.

A long night of Cocoon
The tone set by Väth even enhanced thanks to a great performance by Onur  Özer. The eager Turk from Istanbul is known for his tightly framed sets with a distinct deep character. Özer honored its reputation despite of the sometimes failing technical facilities – problems that also troubled Lorber and Weiter during their sets – and he kept feeding the dancing needs of the ever growing crowd. In the meantime the other, slightly smaller, hall had its own dynamics with strong sets provided by Joey Daniel and Arjuna Schiks. Each with their own signature sounds. It provided the crowd choice and therefore it became easy to come through a long night of Cocoon.

Despite of the fanatical doormen MuzyQ appears to be a welcome addition to the capital’s night life. It offered Cocoon a nice stage where interaction between the dj’s and audience was easily established. Until the end both halls kept serving a enthusiastic, dancing crowd. Unpretentious techno. That sums up Cocoon.

Text: Raymond Bresching