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ade report – kings of ace @ the sand

Somewhere in an abandoned industrial site in Amsterdam exploded the Sand during the Kings of Ace yesterday. This is the party where all the hits of Ace Agency may exhibit their act. It was the first time the festival took place in this sold out club, and that had to be celebrated. Fireworks, confetti, lasers and hard, pumping house music were made for an evening of spectacle.

Around a quarter to twelve I entered the Sand for the first time in my life. I didn’t know what to expect, but I liked what i saw. The dance floor was pretty crowded and the people looked forward to have a great night. There was an excited atmosphere, as if we knew that there was a special evening in sight. Mitch Crown warmed up the audience. The stage was beautifully lit. The club was bigger compared to other venues where I’ve been, but the atmosphere seemed to intimate. Slowly everyone started to dance. The crowd was clearly excited.

The first stunner of the evening was Shermanology. These three family members with their loud house mixed with lyrics always know how to party and tonight they finally got the stage they deserved. A frenzied  crowd went loose on the hits of the trio and were amazed of the vocals, especially when Leon Sherman sang his own version of ‘Rolling in the Deep’, the first laser beams and confetti strings were thrown into the room. The party had officially begun.

After Shermanology it became a bit quiet with the duo Nervo. The monotonous house beats were a good opportunity for me to get a drink and see the crowd dancing from a distance. The DJ’s all had half an hour time to let the audience dance but it didn’t seem to work for the two ladies. It didn’t matter. Around half pas two, the whole room was filled with people who all called to the stage for one of the most popular DJ’s in the whole world: Afrojack.

The public only needed a glimpse of the number seven in the world to catch the groove. The atmosphere was charged. We all knew that the explosion of the evening was coming. When the audience once again got a glimpse of the newest bff by Afrojack, Paris Hilton, they went crazy. The 24-year-old DJ shot off the roof. With hits like ‘Take over Control’, ‘Everything Tonight’ and his latest ‘Can’t Stop Me Now’ the whole audience went crazy. A huge robot came on the stage to overshadow the crowd with smoke and lasers and eventually with fireworks, exploding out of his arms. Along with Paris, we all danced the night away. 

There was a moment I felt that it couldn’t get any better, but there seemed no end to this surprisingly good evening. After Afrojack, Quintino and Sidney Samsom both knew very well what to do with the remaining energy of the audience. Sidney even played a couple of dubstep tracks. It was a night to remember. So much better than expected. These were the Kings of Ace. And kings they were!

Written by: Daisy Heyer